What To Do At Disney in February


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Like I’ve said before, the early months of the year are some of the best times to go to Disney World. I’m officially in love with the lack of crowds in January, and aside from President’s Day weekend and marathon weekend, February is looking like more of the same (and no, I don’t know that because I obsessively check My Disney Experience for wait times while I’m hundreds of miles away on my couch or anything).

My trip next weekend will be the first time I’m headed to the world in February, and I’m excited to see what it’s like — and find out what I need to know so I’m prepared when I inevitably make a return this time next year.

One of the things I love most about Disney is the experience is different every single time you go, especially if you take on a different month or season of the year. Here are some of the things you can catch when you visit in February, depending on when you choose to visit. I’m definitely looking forward to a few of these!

The International Festival of Arts

With World Showcase now becoming home to a different festival practically at all times of the year, 2017 is the first official year of Epcot’s International Festival of The Arts. I got a taste of it during my trip last month, but since we were trying to make sure Haley saw absolutely everything she wanted to see, we didn’t get to spend as much time looking around at the booths and, more importantly, tasting delicious, limited-time-only booze. I’m excited to spend more time at the festival next weekend, and don’t worry — I will take tons of pictures.

P.S. If you like Figment, you’re going to love this festival. That little bugger was everywhere.

Not Sweat, Like, At All


The temperatures in Florida are gorgeous in February, especially if you’re coming from somewhere cold and dying for sunshine. It’s been so gloomy in Georgia over the past few days, so I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to a bit warmer weather than we saw in January, because for a couple of days there, I was freezing my nuts off. No thank you!

Check Out The New Planet Hollywood Observatory

After what feels like years, the new Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs is finally open! Planet Hollywood has always been one of my must dos every time I visit — mainly because I’m an unabashed fan of basically any kind of gimmick — so it’s been weird not being able to trade, like, $50 for a plate of the most delicious Captain Crunch battered chicken fingers I’ve ever tasted. I’m excited to go back, especially since the photos that have surfaced of the new menu items are making me drool. THOSE MILKSHAKES, THOUGH.

Run An Actual Marathon


Later this month, the 2017 Disney Princess Marathon is happening, and as per usual, it sold out pretty far in advance. If you’re planning a trip for next February and want to get your run on, you should register for the 2018 events as soon as tickets go on sale — you can sign up to get an email alert here.

On this year’s annual pass bucket list is to do a RunDisney event. It’s not going to be a marathon, but I can do at least a 5K. I mean, possibly. We’ll see.

Buy All The Beauty & The Beast Merch

Merchandise themed to the live action Beauty & The Beast movie — which hits theaters next month and I am SO EXCITED to see — is finally starting to show up in the shops, and no, I am not talking about that horrifying Emma Watson doll. I’m a little obsessed with the Disney Couture Beauty & The Beast line, and it has me wishing I was loaded so I could buy that Mrs. Potts necklace. Ugh.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day


As with all holidays, Valentine’s Day at Disney is extra special. Romantic themed meals are served, rare characters come out to play… it’s awesome. But more on that later — like, a whole post’s worth!

Come back next month when I brief you on what’s happening at Disney in March. I’m super excited for the trip I’m taking then, because even more exciting things are happening!


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